Our Production

HAZ Metal has over 10,000 square meters of closed production facilities at its main production site in Iskenderun, with more than 100 modern workstations. The monthly production capacity now exceeds the 500 ton mark.

Over the years, production technologies have been steadily improved, for example, the machinery used to make the HMPR anchor channels has been completely modernized over the past few years to produce even faster and more effectively and meet growing demands.

The production is equipped with a roll cutting machine, various profiling machines, press break benches, eccentric presses, thread rolling machines, cold forging machines, modern welding robots and, most recently, also with a laser cutting machine. The hot-dip galvanizing of the various products is carried out in contract with an external supplier.

Special attention was paid to the automation of the various production steps, which enabled a significant increase in production efficiency. HAZ Metal is able to manufacture special machine parts, press moulds or tools on its own, thus ensuring a fast and flexible changeover of production to tailor-made special solutions. By manufacturing the tools in-house, it was also possible to speed up the operating processes and make the entire production process more cost-effective.

Also, the maintenance of the machines and the adaptation of tools is taken over by their own trained personnel, without preventing a lengthy interruption of the production processes. Instead, HAZ Metal uses the resources saved in this process to develop the latest and most innovative fastening systems.

Technical Know-How

Many years of experience in the manufacture of various steel fastening systems means that almost every executive in production can boast at least ten years of experience and outstanding knowledge of the different product lines and their particular advantages or material conditions.

As a result, all production processes can be carried out in a highly efficient and standard-compliant manner. In addition, further improvements in the overall process are constantly being worked on in order to keep the company up-to-date in the future as well. Not least because of this, the production is constantly monitored, the machinery modernized and a strict quality management system maintained in order to increase the quality level of HAZ production steadily.

HAZ Metal takes into account DIN, BS, EN and ASTM standards in all manufacturing processes, and third-party monitoring by an independent testing institute enables certification to ISO 9001: 2008.