HB Anchor / Bolt Anchor

The Dowels and Anchor Bolts from the HAZ product portfolio are used for attachment of various components on holding tracks. A distinction is made between various different types of these dowels and bolt anchors, all of which bring certain properties, which make them the appropriate fasteners for a variety of substrates

The selection of suitable anchors is made according to the type of subsoil, depending on whether it is concrete, masonry, plaster or stone. The permissible load values depending on the load direction, whether tensile or shear load, represent the most important decision criterion.

The dowels and anchor bolts are tested in the factory test laboratory in order to determine correct values for tensile and transverse loads. The bolt anchors are available in different lengths to offer a suitable solution for the respective product specification.

Mainly these anchoring means are divided into four categories, these are

  • Force-controlled bolt anchor / expansion anchor
  • Distance-controlled bolt anchor / expansion anchor
  • Xings
  • Undercut anchors
All dowels and anchor bolts are available in grade 1.4301 and grade 1.4401 stainless steel and galvanized grade 1.0038 structural steel. Our technical department will gladly assist you in selecting the right types for your construction project.

Force-Controlled Bolt Anchor

Path-Controlled Bolt Anchor

  • Available in sizes M6 to M16.
  • For use in concrete, filled and reinforced block masonry
  • Available in sizes M8 and M10.
  • For use in concrete, block and normal masonry walls

Chemical Bolt Anchor

  • Screwed bolt anchors
  • Use in combination with epoxy resin
  • Available in sizes M8 to M20
  • For use in concrete, block and masonry walls

Undercut Anchors

  • For attachments to natural stone walls
  • Wet drilling system with matching drilling equipment is required
  • Innovative attachment variant
  • Detailed information can be obtained from our natural stone department