Precast Panel Anchors

FIX-PA2 – Façade Panel Anchors are specially designed for safe and easy mounting curtain-concrete slabs on load-bearing elements and are therefore easy and safe to install.

First, the built-in components are embedded in the formwork in the precast concrete factory, later on the construction site, the facade panels to be fastened are mounted using the assembly components.

FIX-PA2 - façade panel anchors are articulated and allow a variable slope of the tie rods on site.
Depending on the project requirement, the tops can be chosen either as one-point or two-point bearings and fixed to the wall or ceiling.

By default, the FIX-PA2 carry loads of up to 45 kN, but with special requirements load values up to 70 kN can be realized. HAZ METAL can measure, manufacture and supply all necessary stainless steel accessories. Our technical department will be happy to help if you have any questions.

To complete the product range in the cladding area, HAZ also offers the design and production of HAZ BRA parapet anchors which are used for easy and secure attachment of finished sill elements on supporting substructures

FIX-PA2 Façade Panel Anchor


  • Load stages up to 45 kN can be realized
  • Consisting of installation and assembly part.
  • Built-in components are embedded in the precast plant
  • Tops are available in three different finishes - triangle, stirrups and Daniela.
  • Material grades 1.4362 / 1.4462 (duplex).
  • Mandrels up to 5.0 kN load
  • Adapter sleeves with diameters 17/21 mm.
  • Oval sleeves with diameters 17/21 mm.
  • Mortar sleeves with a diameter of 40 mm.

Pressure Screws, Threaded Sleeves, Suction Holders

FIX-BRA Parapet Anchor

  • Compatible with the PA2 anchors in the system.
  • Pressure screws serve as spacers for up to 240 mm
  • Suction holders additionally anchor the pressure screws horizontally under wind loads
  • Threaded sleeves up to M20 available in the system
  • Available as normal or attic version
  • Available with or without adjustment screw
  • Anchoring takes place by anchor rail or dowel
  • Clamping reinforcement is standard made of B500B, for increased requirement also available in stainless steel B500A NR.

Precast Panel Anchors

Parapet Anchor

Prefabricated concrete slabs are fastened to the substructure using the FIX-PA2 anchors, which ensure safe and rapid assembly. Each plate is mounted with two PA2 anchors to evenly distribute the load. FIX-BR suction holders are used to protect the panels from wind loads. Four retaining anchors are necessary to secure each plate. For technical questions or when choosing the right anchor, our technical department is always available

Prefabricated parapet elements are fastened to load-bearing ceilings or undercarriages using the FIX-BRA parapet anchors. The balustrade anchors are a safe method of attachment because they are highly resilient and designed specifically for this purpose. As a rule, at least two BRA anchors are installed in order to achieve a uniform load distribution. The anchorage in the balustrade panel is made by the iron rods from B500B.
In the joist, anchors are attached using anchor channels or dowels.