HMP Framing Channels


HMP Framing channels, along with a wide range of accessories, are mainly used in the construction of steel structures for fast and flexible fixings, as they can be used easily and cost-effectively.

The HMP channel systems are made of hot and cold rolled steel or stainless steel profiles and are usually available with or without slots. The perforated mounting rails are installed as perforated rails HMPB-S, the non-perforated profiles are marked with HMPB-P. Due to the different types of rails in various material qualities such as bright rolled, galvanized, hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel, HMP framing channels can cover a wide range of different applications and can be used in steel halls as well as for the attachment of cable trays. Even complex frame constructions can be implemented relatively easily in the system with accessories such as T head bolts or lock nuts.

Through the use of mounting rails, the work can usually be significantly reduced, construction work can usually be continued very quickly, because not only costly drilling or welding must be. Due to this saving in operations and the relatively low assembly costs, the assembly technology has become a very popular product area.

As standard, the HMP mounting rails are available in many different profile sizes, usually analogous to the HMPR anchor rails. But also special types or special profiles are in our product range, please contact us in this regard.

HMP Framing Channels

HMC Cantilever Brackets

  • Available in perforated and unperforated version.
  • Various hot and cold rolled profiles from 20/8 - 50/40 available as standard.
  • Also available in a serrated design to accommodate longitudinal loads.
  • Available in profiles 41/41 and 36/36 by default
  • Three different console types available for different installation situations
  • For extension distances up to 700 mm

HC Connection Elements

HPCL Clamps

  • Fasteners are available in a variety of shapes for various installation situations
  • Suitable for use with profiles 36/36 and 41/41
  • Available as standard in material grades FV, A2 and A4
  • Suitable for pipe sizes between 21.5 and 508 mm
  • Various types and shapes of pipe clamps available, including with insulating rubber, depending on the application

Installation situation: Sanitary Installation
using the HMP mounting technology


Matching HPCL pipe clamps secure the KG pipes stably and securely to the HMC consoles, which in turn are flexibly fastened with HCC fasteners to the frame construction using HMP mounting rails. This modular frame construction ensures maximum efficiency and reliability as well as a high level of system security and can therefore also be used for many other purposes such as, for example, line installation or machine fastening.

The combination of rails, brackets and rail fasteners allows the construction of independent frames.
The frame can be fixed to the concrete floor.
The modular frame provides efficient and reliable solutions for various applications such as line installations, machine or electrical installations.